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About Us

MCG - Indianapolis, IN

The Miller Care Group is dedicated to, providing the highest quality, most cost-effective wound care and related services to our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality of care to all, regardless of extraneous factors such as age, social, or economic status.

"Above and Beyond is always our norm, never the exception"
Dr. Michael Miller

Wound Care

Miller Care Group prides themselves on providing quality care and, specializes in treating severe, non-healing wounds.

Our Research

At the Miller Care Group, we strive to ensure the most aggressive, least expensive treatment options for our wound care patients.

Full Medical Treatment

Miller Care Group treats a variety of chronic non-healing wounds various long-term care settings, and in patient's homes.

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition is an integral part of the wound healing process. When the body has an injury, nutritional requirements will change.