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About Us

MCG - Indianapolis, IN

Our goal at Miller Care Group is to treat patients how we want to be treated. We are dedicated to initiating the highest quality care for those with undertreated or untreated medical, behavioral, and social issues. We utilize the highest levels of technology to remain in constant contact with our patients. We strive to provide compassionate and cost-effective care to all, regardless of extraneous factors such as age, social status, or economic status. We will commence individualized programs and initiatives that best serve those patients who are desirous of the best possible medical and related care available, wherever we are currently or are planning to provide these services.

Wound Care

Miller Care Group prides themselves on providing quality care and, specializes in treating severe, non-healing wounds.

Mental Health

Our multi-dimensional professionals treat all spectrums of mental health illness in home, office, or assisted living facilities.

Pain Management

Using a holistic approach to managing chronic pain, we evaluate and treat the patient's psychological & physical contributors to pain.

Addiction Recovery

We are a weaning program specializing in comprehensive individualized addiction recovery treatment plans that best fit your situation.