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About Dr. Miller

Dr. Michael Miller is Board Certified in General Surgery by the American Osteopathic Association and initially received his 10 year certification in wound care by the American Academy of Wound Management in 2000 and the American Professional Wound Care Association in 2005.

His practice has been devoted exclusively to wound care and related issues since 1998.He is one of the few, full time, physician, wound care specialists in the State of Indiana as well as the U.S. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals; written chapters in wound care texts, presented poster exhibits and podium presentations at numerous domestic and international conferences.

Dr. Miller is also a consultant to numerous companies in the wound care industry, and provides expert consultations to the investment and legal profession. In addition to his clinical practice, he owns several patents on wound care devices.

Dr. Miller was named the American Osteopathic Foundation's 2010 Physician of the Year.

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