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After Care

1. In the unlikely case of bleeding…apply firm direct pressure using a sterile gauze to any area of continued oozing of blood for a period of 10-15 minutes. Do NOT examine the wound while applying the pressure. (In the extremely unlikely situation that you find a diaper that is not stained but soaked with blood go immediately to the closest emergency room, or call 911) Call me as well in this situation.

2. Wash the genitals gently after each large bowel movement, using either a soft cotton cloth, cotton balls, or a sponge with a few drops of nondetergent soap in warm water, rinse, then gently dry. Continue to wash for a period of 10 days. (it is absolutely OK to wet & touch the penis) Do NOT use abrasive cleaning wipes on the circumcision wound!

3. Apply a grape sized amount of Vaseline ointment to the center of a sterile gauze, and then gently place it onto the penis for a total of ten days of care. Replace it with each diaper change The penis may remain in any position and the baby may sleep on his back or side. Do NOT tie anything around the penis.

4. If the gauze sticks to the penis, simply soak the baby's bottom in a basin of warm water. The baby may be fully bathed 10 days after the circumcision, if the cord is off. ( i.e. when you have finished with the 10 days of dressing changes ... may bath the baby.)

5. Be alert to the signs of infection, such as increases in redness, pain or swelling. The baby may be irritable for 3-4 days and will heal in 12-14 days with residual swelling up to three weeks (3 wks) after the circumcision.

6. If the baby is irritable you may dispense one single dose (0.4 ml or 1/3 of the eyedropper) of Infant Tylenol or Tempra drops 4 hours after the circumcision. Again, this is a one time dose of Tylenol or Tempra.

7. NOTE: The glans or head of the penis will be beefy red in color; the area immediately below the glans will be quite swollen for several days. Small yellowish-white firm plaques, moist crusts or a whitish filmy material may occur near the wound or head of the penis, Days 3-10. This formation is normal and will eventually disappear.

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